May 23, 2017

Covert One

The Covert One series is a series of thriller novels authored by various acclaimed authors in partnership with the famous late Robert Ludlum. This series of books feature a political and technical team of experts from a leading top-secret agency in the US known as Covert-One, who work hard to find conspiracy and corruption at the highest, most feared and most dangerous levels in the society.

The Plot Synopsis of the Covert One Series

The Hades Factor

The first main crisis that hits the life of Jon Smith is the Hades project, a very evil and at the same time deadly viral experiment. This virus was first tested on 6 Iraqi soldiers and 6 US soldiers in the First Gulf War to hit the world. Several years later, 3 people, a young teenage girl, a Vietnam Veteran, and a Gulf War Army Major all died of unnatural but very disturbing causes.

In this Robert Ludlum novel which he co-authored with Gayle Lynds, he explains that the virus, even though it cannot be easily transmitted, gradually spreads across different parts of the world, killing almost half a million of the population. Jon’s Smith Fiancé and co-worker, Miss Sophia Rusells easily identifies the symptoms and associates them with some similar to a deadly Monkey Blood Virus that she encountered back in Peru when working together with Victor Tremont. After discussing with Tremont, Rusells starts to develop the virus’ symptoms.

In the meantime, Jon Smith is going back to Fort Detrick after a successful assignment but on the way he is attacked by several rascal goons, whom he overpowers after several close shaves, which sends their team leader, Mr. Nadal al-Hassan in shock and disbelief. After getting back, he finds his dear Sophia terribly sick and regardless of all the efforts he puts forth to treat and resuscitate her, Sophia succumbs and passes on within 3 hours of his arrival. After an autopsy is done and much exploration on the results, it is finally established that Sophia died of a lethal injection that was directed to her ankle by Nadal al-Hassan.

Infuriated by the loss of his loved one, Jon Smith swears revenge on the killer, and joins hands with Randi Russell, A CIA operative who happens to be the sister of the late Sophia, and Peter Howell who happens to be a former M16 agent of the British to uncover and take revenge on whoever was behind the virus that murdered Sophia.

Notwithstanding his desperate efforts and calls for action, Jon is assumed to be a villain by the US government so for him to be able to uncover Sophia’s murderer, it will mean he has to keep away from the US government by all means possible. Working together with Marty Zellerbach, a computer whiz with Asperger syndrome, they both discover that someone by the name Victor Tremont, who is the deputy director of an established medical company, has been infecting the population with the deadly virus via its widespread distribution in antibiotics. Jon Smith reveals the whole truth to the whole world before the US president, Samuel Adams Castilla, and then goes ahead to capture Victor Tremont and hold him captive until he is officially arrested.

Despite the fact that all charges against him were dropped, Jon voluntarily quits the USAMRIID. In the meantime, Nathaniel Fredrick Klein, an enigmatic man approaches Jon and requests his honor to join the Covert-One. This gives Jon a new reason to live, and he voluntarily agrees.

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