May 23, 2017

Famous Robert Ludlum Books

Notable Works of the Famous Robert Ludlum Books

Robert Ludlum, who was born on the 25th day of May 1927 in the City of New York, and later died on 12th March of 2001 in Naples Florida, is a renowned novelist and American author whose legacy has lived on years after his death. This highly esteemed author has authored 29 thriller novels so far, with over 210 million copies of books available in print, books which have been translated into more than 32 languages so far.

After his death back in 2001, it was alleged that he had left behind many unpublished scripts and rough-copy sketches, which, with the assistance of ghostwriters, are progressively dusted off and get published one at a time, a further testament to his sustained popularity even after death. A onetime theatrical producer and actor, Ludlum exhibited an unexplained intimate comprehension of the escapism, energy, and action that general public was looking for in a novel.

This is what formed the basis of all his stories and the story line of all his novels. Basically, his artwork features a man or a group of individuals who stand up against strong enemies who have the ability to use economic and political machinery and ability in ways that are not only frightening but also life-threatening. His vision of the world at large is one where indistinguishable military forces, global corporations, and government organizations all work towards undermining and destabilizing the status quo.

Apart from the intermittent gaps in his extensive knowledge of the firearms, Ludlum’s novels are carefully and thoroughly researched, abounding with physical, technical, and biological facts and details as is evidenced on the extensive and thorough research work on amnesia in the famous Bourne Identity.

Even with such success, it is sad to note that Robert Ludlum is yet to reach the same level of acclamation that his fellow writers under the same genre, like the famous John Le Carré, have received. Those against Ludlum’s artwork pose the use of italicized short sentences, the use of dashes and exclamation marks among other techniques as not so ‘good’. They have also found fault with his extensive melodrama, use of simplistic characters, and they also cite very limited development psychologically.

It is however to be noted that Ludlum was the man who introduced the thriller that has come to be known to man today. Never before was such a style of writing seen in the market, setting the stage and benchmark for writers such as Gayle Lynds and David Morrell. It is Ludlum who made popular the idea of the American and Soviet Intelligence bodies working hand in hand, the Crime Investigation Authorities carrying illegal and unacceptable operations right on American soil. Although both of these and many other premises that Ludlum highlighted were once seen as fictional, today they are largely accepted as facts.

Notable Robert Ludlum’s novels that have found their way into the screens include the Holcroft Covenant, the Osterman Weekend, The Bourne Identity, Apocalypse Watch, and the Bourne Supremacy.

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